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What About You? Can You Be Creative?

What does the creation of the world have to do with your child? The fact that God had a perfect plan for the universe and he also has a very special plan for your child! Please take the time to simply enjoy reading God Created It All and Me with your child. Let it sink in that everything came from God. There are no accidents, everything was created to work perfectly together. Read it many times over till your child is familiar with the story of creation. Then you can start using the discussion questions. Many of the questions in this book are simply fun questions about nature and what they like most about it. But there is more to this book than just thinking about your favorite animal, seeing pictures in the clouds, and climbing trees. Your child can come to realize that just like God made the universe with a tremendous plan, he also has a tremendous plan for them.

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Life Lessons from God Created It All and Me

God had a perfectly perfect plan to creation.

It may have been a while since you read Genesis 1:1-3 or maybe you have never read it, but it tells us that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  All was formless and empty with just God hovering over it.  So what did God do? He created light.  When we walk into a dark room, we turn on the light. Why? To see what is there so we can find what we are looking for and don’t trip or run into anything.  But think about it, when God created light, there was nothing to see and no animals or people that needed to see.  Hmmm…. Did God have a plan? What if light would have come after the plants that needed it to grow?  With each day of creation, you can see the beauty and amazingness of God’s work as each creation supports the next.  The world works because it was created to work.  We hear talk and discussions on science/evolution vs. creation, but I tend to believe that a scientist’s role is to explore and discover the ways God made the world to work.  Astronomy, entomology, marine biologist, paleontology, geology, ecology, oceanography, cell biology, hematology, chemistry, and meteorology are just a few of the career options for those looking to explore and learn about the fascinating ways of the world God created.  I hope you will use this book to have some great family talks about how perfectly the world works because it was made that way by God.

It makes God happy that you treasure and enjoy all of his creation.

God did not have to create the world, but he chose to.  God is love and creating a wonderful world for us to enjoy is one way he shows his love to us.  Think about the world and the joy it brings you – a breeze on a hot day, hot cocoa on a cold day, the beautiful blue sky, a mountain view, an ocean view, a view of your backyard where you have so many wonderful memories, a great steak or plate of seafood, your child’s smile, your mom’s hugs, the kindness of a stranger, the love of a friend, blooming flowers, fresh orange juice, watermelon juice dripping off your 2-year old’s chin….. oh my goodness, how many can we name!!!   In our busy lives, we can often rush right past the many joys God has placed in the world to share his love.  Help your children see God’s love in a tree, a found shell or rock, a cool caterpillar as it crawls on their hand, their pet, their family and friends, playing in the rain, sledding on the snow, yummy food, and a special sunset – all of it!  When you say prayers at night with your kids, let God know how very much you enjoyed his creation that day!

You are made in the image of God.

Man and woman were God’s final addition to his perfect creation.  It is the only day that he stated it was “very good” instead of “good”.  Being made in God’s image doesn’t mean that when you look in a mirror, you look like God.  What it does mean is that when you look at yourself, you can see God in you.  God is creative, this book is about God creating the entire world!  You are creative too!  You can make up games to play with your friends and family. You can build things, draw pictures, write stories, cook meals, decorate your bedroom, and bead a necklace.  There is nothing else in God’s creation that can create like you can.  A bird can build a nest because of the instincts God gave it, but does it decorate it with a rug, hang pictures on the wall, paint it a favorite color?
God is loving and you reflect his image when you share love with others.  When you sit with a child that is alone in the school cafeteria, make a card for a sick neighbor, or hold a door open for someone with their hands full, you are sharing love.  You won’t find fish, trees, or oceans doing that because they were not made in God’s image like you are.
God is forgiving and so are you.  When someone you know makes a mistake, hurts your feelings, or just chooses to be mean, you can forgive them when they realize they messed up.  God forgives us when we mess up too!  Isn’t that good to know!

There are a lot more ways that you are made in God’s image.  I hope you will dive into some great family discussions about ways you reflect who God is.  I have to believe your kids and others would love to hear “Wow! The way you just treated me/acted/reacted… reflected God’s image!  I can see God in you!”

Realize the special gifts God gave you.

God created each of us in his image yet we are all different.  Sometimes we feel bad or sad because we are not like others that we see or know – we compare ourselves to our friends, famous people, and even strangers.  But that is not what God intended, he made us different so we can each have a special way to reflect God’s image.  We are each special, unique, different, talented, messed-up, good & bad.  When we trust God, that he made us special in his image and he has a plan for us, then we can celebrate being different rather than comparing ourselves and feeling badly about ourselves.

Think of it this way, imagine 2 tacos, one with just meat and cheese and the other with just lettuce, tomatoes and extra jalepeno peppers.  Would everyone like both of these?  Would some people like just one of them?  Could one of these tortillas make everyone happy?  It is the same with you!  God made you special and you have gifts that won’t make everyone happy, some people may not even like you.  But some people will be drawn to you because of your special gifts, they will see God’s love because of you!  So don’t try to be like everyone else, use the gifts God gave you!  God has an amazing plan for you just like he had an amazing plan for the world, and he gave you all the special stuff you need to achieve his plan!